What about Muraco?

A vision towards 2028-2030, with key investments to get there

In April 2017, the School Committee and Select Board jointly submitted to the MSBA Statements of Interest (SOIs) for the reconstruction/replacement of the Lynch and Muraco schools. The MSBA declined the district’s SOIs in December 2017. After a second round of applications in the 2018 cycle and an MSBA visit to Muraco, Winchester received an invitation for the Lynch project in 2019-- leaving Muraco to wait a few more years.

The School Committee and Select Board remain committed to a replacement of the Muraco Elementary School. With a planned opening of the New Lynch in Fall 2025, the School Committee developed the Muraco Life Extension Plan-- a $3.6M investment today in replacing essential building systems to sustain the school until a replacement sometime between 2028-2030. This scope of work was included in Spring 2021's ballot question #1, a debt-exclusion override including flood mitigation work which passed with strong community support. Muraco's heating system repairs were completed by October and design is wrapping up this winter for summer electrical work roof repair/replacement. For more information on the scope of the Muraco Life Extension Project, see Town Meeting presentation for design scope (right).

Muraco School Design Funding Request

Presentation to Winchester Town Meeting, Spring 2020 by Mike Bettencourt, Select Board & Chris Nixon, School Committee