Project Team

Architects, Consultants, OPM, Volunteers, Town & District staff working hard together


Delivering a new Lynch Elementary School requires teamwork between the Owner, Architect/Engineer (A/E) and Contractor. While is it far too early to know "who" will build the New Lynch (project delivery method yet to be determined), the Owner and A/E teams have been developed and are already hard at work.

The "Owner" with direct engagement and decision-making authority is the EFPBC. This Committee seeks to engage the public, provide updates, welcome feedback and make decisions which meet the needs of the district and students while staying within budget and schedule (see Costs & Schedule page).

MSBA requires district Core Replacement projects to have an OPM, or Owner's Project Manager. The team from Hill International was selected in April 2021 and plays a helpful role in our communications with the MSBA and meeting key project milestones.

In late October, the MSBA's Designer Selection Panel named the Boston firm of Tappé Architects as a finalist for designer and in early November the EFPBC executed a contract with Tappé and their engineering/consultant team (see below for detail). Tappé has successful track record with Winchester, as the architect of the Vinson-Owen Elementary School, 2010-2013 and Ambrose Elementary School, 2004-2006.


Winchester's Educational Facilities Planning & Building Committee (EFPBC) has effectively managed a number of large school building projects delivered on schedule and on -- or under -- budget, including the recent two-phase McCall expansion (2018-2020), Winchester High School (2015-2017), Vinson-Owen Elementary (20110-2013), Parkhurst School renovations (2011), and the McCall E-Wing addition (2007). Meg White from the Engineering & Planning Department supports the EFPBC as the Town's Project CEO, reviewing all contracts and authorizations for payment with the OPM.


Owner's Project Manager Hill International

Architect Tappé Architects

Educational Programmer NewVista Design

Mechanical Engineer Griffith & Vary

Plumbing & Fire Protection Architectural Engineers

Structural Engineer Engineers Design Group

Geotechnical Engineer Weston & Sampson

Civil Engineering Nitsch Engineering

Landscape Architect Warner Larson

Accessibility Consultant Hastings Consulting

Sustainability Consulting Andelman & Lelek

Traffic Engineering Howard Stein Hudson


Jay Nardone, Chair

Brian Carlisle

Don Cecich

Frank Hackett, Superintendent

Todd Kosterman

Geethanjali Mathiyalakan

John Miller

Lisa Matrundola

Christian Nixon

Mark Scott

John Siciliano

Colleen Ryan Soden