a collection of Lynch Project presentations to Town Meeting, School Committee and Special EFPBC meetings


A number of key presentations on the Lynch project have been recorded by WinCAM (thank you!) and are made available below. Summer and Fall meetings will be uploaded here soon. Special EFPBC meetings or community presentations can be found here as well. The schedule and agenda for regular EFPBC meetings can be found at the Government Calendar page of the Winchester Town Clerk's office:

EFPBC Review of FAS, Phasing & Logistics Recommendations, Parkhurst Updates

Report on 3/30 FAS call, Superintendent recommendations on Phasing & Logistics, Parkhurst Update. April 4, 2022

EFPBC Report on PSR feedback from MSBA, FAS status, Phasing & Logistics Feedback

PSR MSBA feedback, Facility Assessment Committee status, Phasing & Logistics Community meeting report. March 28, 2022

EFPBC Review of WHS stormwater mgmt, Lynch PSR status, Phasing & Logistics

Brief report on high school storm water management, updated from OPM on Lynch PSR status & open items. March 14, 2022

EFPBC Review of WHS bathrooms, Lynch Swing Space Needs, Phasing & Timelines

Lynch PSR submittal update, swing space needs/options and articles for Spring Town Meeting. March 7, 2022

EFPBC Review PDP feedback & response PSR status + Phasing & Logistics Options

PDP submittal feedback & responses, ESA report, Lynch Phasing & logistics options & discussion. February 28, 2022

EFPBC PSR options Review. Phasing & Logistics Concepts, Subcommittee Update

Review developing PSR scope, Phasing & logistics concepts. Sustainability Subcommittee update. February 16, 2022

EFPBC Review of final 3 schemes and Vote on Replacement Option for PSR

EFPBC webinar w/review of final 3 development options & selection of N5 as preferred option. February 7, 2022

EFPBC Site Utilites Update and Preferred Replacement Option

EFPBC webinar w/site utilities & wellfield update, narrowing all development options to three. January 31, 2022

EFPBC Review of Replacement Options and Narrowing from Four to Two

EFPBC webinar reviewing site issues, narrowing development options from six (6) to four (4). January 24, 2022

EFPBC Review of Reno, Add-Reno, & Replacement Project Options

Special meeting of EPFBC reviewing all eleven (11) early options. By webinar - January 10, 2022

Lynch Feasibility Community Kickoff Meeting - Evening Session

Special public presentation by EPFBC at Winchester High School auditorium. November 16, 2021

Lynch Feasiblity Study Funding Request to Town Meeting - Spring 2020

School Committee request for $1.5M Feasibility Study Winchester Town Meeting, Spring 2020

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2022_03_07 - School Building Committee Presentation (2).pdf
2022_02_28 - School Building Committee Presentation.pdf
2022_02_07 - School Building Committee Presentation (1).pdf
New Lynch Education Program - WPS - January 2022.pdf
01-10-22 - WESBC.pdf
Lynch Preliminary Options - 12.20.21 - Phasing.pdf
Presentation for Public Forum 11.16.2021 FINAL (2)
2021 11-16 Public Forum Notes
01-24-22 - EFPBC Meeting.pdf